Roan is the main protagonist of the anime, Ragnarok the Animation. He was also a childhood friend called Yufa, who was also his love interest. His main goal was to become stronger in order to protect Yufa from Dark Lord and his minions.

His class job was at first; novice before he eventualy becoming a swordsman. After quite sometimes, Roan then became a crusader in order to protect Yufa.


Roan was a courageous and brave, young man who was determined to protect the ones who he truly loved the most. He was at first goofy, reckless and careless as he often put him and everyone else at risk. However after the incident in Morroc, he was forced to go off alone to trained himself to become stronger.

When he returned to the party as a crusader, he became more determined and focused but he also became much more arrogant and ignorant towards Yufa. However after 

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